About me

My work is driven by a wish to capture the essence of humanity through the mediums of painting and drawing.

With a fascination for the interplay of light and shadow, I seek to create compositions that invite the viewer to explore the subtleties and complexities of the human form.

Through my art, I aim to convey the power and beauty of storytelling, inviting audiences to engage with the narratives that unfold within each of my works.

Whether working in bold, vibrant colors or subdued, monochromatic tones, my art always strives to convey the emotional depth and complexity of the human experience.


I came into this world in 1975 and spent my childhood in a small town named Boxholm. However, currently, I reside and work in Örebro, Sweden, along with my wife Sara and our two lovely daughters. Sara, too, is an artist, and we share a studio together.

Throughout my years as an adult, I have worked in both art and web development. However, this website and CV specifically highlight my journey and experiences in the realm of art.

In addition to my artistic pursuits, I also have a keen interest in history. Being a history buff allows me to delve into the fascinating narratives of the past.

Alongside that, I find great joy in utilizing fountain pens, cherishing the elegance and timeless appeal they bring to my writing. As a pen pal enthusiast, I appreciate the art of correspondence and the connections it fosters across distances. These varied interests greatly enrich my life and contribute to my creative journey.