An end to the sweet tooth

2018-05-01 in Health:

I have found a cure for my sweet tooth: ecological, raw liquorice! I might however aquired a new vice, because I love liquorice without sugar or salt.

But if it can lower my intake of sugar, so be it. Liquorice can elevate your blood pressure, but you have to eat quit a large amount for that to happen if I have understood it correct.

Box of licorice

The kind of liquorice (licorice?) my wife found for me is called Le grezze and is from Italy. Before this I tried another brand, which also were tasty, but it was not in this store yet. Le grezze is an ecological raw liquorice, with extract of liquorice root from Calabria in Italy. It comes in a fancy little box, something several brands seems to have in common. This also had a little bay leaf as garniture.

Licorice pastils

I used this when I get the urge to eat something sweet. I haven’t used this in a while, but itäs time to start again – I need to loose some wait and is surely helps to remove the sweet tooth. When it comes to the relation with high blood pressure, from what I understand (correct me if I’m wrong, please) you need to eat a large amount. More then I can afford anyway ;)

Maybe this is a way to get started with LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diet or something similar, when you need to lay off carbs.

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