The girls salute

The girls salute

Inkwash drawing of a girls salute. Well, probably she’s just blocking the sunlight, but I like the thought of a salute to the viewer ;) I’ve started using inkwashed, a technique I have not used for some years. This is on toned, naturele paper from Clairefontains which is really fun to work on. The ink used was Higgins Black Magic, a small bottle I handle with care since I’m not sure it as easy getting a new one. I also used some J. Herbin white calligraphy ink.


Created: 2020
Media Inkwash (Higgins Black Magic, J.Herbin white, water and a brush)
Surface Clairefontaine Paint on Naturele
Size A4
Original artwork for sale? Yes, for sale
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how to purchase this artwork.
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1 reply on “The girls salute”

  • Iris
    2022-04-12 at 18:02

    I’m the girl you drew in the girl salute picture, and was wondering if you were willing to sell it to me, and how much you would want for it.

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