Interviewed in Swedish podcast

2020-02-12 in LIfeWithArt:

In the latest episode of the Swedish podcast “Penna möter papper”, the show is an interview… with me! The spoken language is Swedish though, so if you don’t know this beautiful language your out of luck.

We recorded the show on saturday night February 8. To get some piece and quiet to record I borrowed the office at my work, took my Blue Snowball microphone and a few pens and some paper. Recording remote worked just fine. With the support of the guys running the show everything went smooth enough I think, eventhough I find plenty point of improvent for my speaking voice.

Recording at the office

Push for the future

Now, I’m not used to recording or listening to my own voice (or standing in from of the camera for that matter). But I have for some time been wanting to do voice overs in English for my drawing videos, maybe even stream live on Twitch. I would like to do videos for Patreon. So this was a very good push for me to start recording on my own. That means you’ll probably hear (and see) more of my voice and face online in the future.

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