Seven days, seven images

2020-02-01 in Photography:

Seven days, seven images. That was the premise for this photography competition on a swedish nature photography forum in july of 2008.

I manage to snatch the first place. Eventhough I mostly used old manual lenses and a entry level DSLR camera, and could only travel by bicycle and walking. I think that was because when you do an image each day, imagination to find the motifs in your surroundings is important. Some of these are even from our garden at the time.

Anyway, I realized these images are not published anywhere at the moment. So I resurrected them and made this post. I hope you like them. July 21 2008 to July 27 2008 in the middle of Sweden:

20080721: The moon and the tree

20080722: Lilies in dawn

20080723: Dew in the garden

20080724: Sun on field

20080725: Ladybug struggling

20080726: Peekaboo

20080727: Tree hugger

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